New Presenters join Felixstowe Radio

New presenters for Sunday night’s 8-10pm

Mark Exton and Clare Michelle Morgan the mark and Clare show welcome to the team

Join John West on Sunday afternoons from 12 noon, and Steve Boyce 3 out of 4 Tuesday evenings from 7pm. The first Tuesday of each month is reserved for Mr Daz Baalham. 107.5fm

11 thoughts on “New Presenters join Felixstowe Radio”

  1. Just listened in to this Radio Station for the 1st time and to the John West Sunday show and pretty impressed! Good range of music especially the 80’s Classics like Queen / David Bowie and Teardrop Explodes and like his chat and wit and humour and the sound effects! Being from the Media myself, I thought i’d take a break for an hour or so from my endeavours and I I can truely say I think he is a good presenter and I will listen in again when get the chance! Star Rating ****** 6 Stars there you go! Good website this Felixstowe Radio and I have store on my Laptop to Favourites! Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean Rock ‘N’ Roll on just now…now a 70’s classic….’I Hear Laughter In The Rain…’ Neil Sedaka. Meow that’s what I call meowsic! Now that’s what I call ‘Cool For Catsz…’Now a sad one ‘My Eyes Adored You’ dedacated to Johns Friend / Sweetheart Sarah now in Spirit World, (R.I.P), bit of a tearjerker but sweet song. Ahh bless …a nice show for a Sunday afternnoon must say. Easy Listening. Good show. ***

  2. myself and Clare would like to thank everybody family and friends who took the time out to listen to our inaugural show last Sunday.
    We will be back this coming Sunday for more madness and laughter.
    See you then 💑

  3. Hey guys I listened last Sunday and was on the floor crying with laughter with your pirate antics. I also loved the comical value of the strange stories and the choice of music is brilliant. hope to listen this sunday.


    1. Awww thank you so much for listening to us Jo!! 🙂 we are so glad you find our silly rantings funny…we are trying to cheer people up in a Sunday night ready for the week ahead…& there’ll be plenty of silly antics on our show, unfortunately this Sunday we won’t be doing a show as we’ve both got prior commitments but me & Mark will return permanently from next Sunday onwards, please do keep tuning in to us & contact us next week & we will get a song on for you…((hugs)) from Clare 🙂 xx

    1. Hi.

      No they’ve got a week off!

      The Mike & Clare show will be back in a week’s time.

      Thank you,


      (Weekend Manager)

  4. Stuart is correct, owing to prior plans myself and Clare will not be on this evening, we will return next week with Clare’s funny stories, the back to front challenge and of course what Suffolk and the world are talking about Clare’s weather, just to say thank you for everyone’s continued support,

  5. Hi Val

    Just replying to your message you placed on this page a while back, I’m Mark from the Mark & Clare show. Unfortunately Clare has decided that she no longer wants to do the Sunday evening slot which means the Mark & Clare show has come to a premature end, we have had some excellent feed back on the show and had a ever increasing listenership but life is life and it takes two to tango I guess, But you will find me continueing the show with a new partner in 2017 so stay tuned .

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