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    1. I would love to volunteer to present on the station is there a specific email address to apply?

      1. Hi, my son has been working at the Ipswich radio, he would like to apply to work on Felixstowe radio. What is your new address as we cant find you anywhere. Does he have to apply by email or can he pop in.

        Hope to hear from you soon

        Many thanks

        1. Hi I am one of the presenters at FXR if you send me your details at the above e-mail address … i will help you out as we do not turn any one away … !! thanks ROD on the RADIO

  1. Hi There
    I just wondered if you have any slots on FXR for me to come and present my Soul Show . I have six years experience of broadcasting as I am currently presenting a two hour show on Ipswich Community Radio . I would like to just add and here’s the Big ask I would prefer to be on a Friday between 1400/1800, I can see from your schedule that these slots are already taken but if they become available then I would like to be considered please.

    Thanks Paul ( Milly )

  2. Dear Roger, hello. Thank you for playing me on Roots and Shoots. That’s great news. All the best, Ivor. Ivor Game “A New Start” album.

  3. Hello everyone at Felixstowe radio will mark and clare show be on this sunday we loved it ….

  4. Hi
    Please could you contact us as we would like to talk about our service and volunteering opportunities available in the Felixstowe area on air if possible

  5. I sent a letter to you 3 weeks ago seeing if there was any presenter posts going, I’ve been at a couple of stations but would like to have a show where I can play the music close to my heart. I’m on the radio at my station on a Sunday afternoon contacting as never got a reply though sent a saw.

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