All presenters at Felixstowe Radio are volunteers, many of whom also provide their own specialist music.

Outside of their show times requests and comments can be sent to the email address given on each presenter’s personal page below.

You can click on the presenter’s name below to see more about them:

Stu Acker  Gary Allen  David Baker

Darren Baalham

Neil Bowles    Linda Bowles       Alyssa Bates  

Lydia Cox Neil Cameron        Gary Cookes        

Paul Endersby

     Ross Frazer        

Pete Guilder    David Hughes   James Jacob 
Julie Mason 

                                                   Clare michelle Morgan     Mark Exton


Ryan Page

  Pat   Chris Tyler

Roger Pettit  Andy Sindle   Bob Strong

Hugh Vale  Daniel Williams

12 thoughts on “Presenters”

  1. Hi Ann Bumped into you on Sun in Hamilton Rd I left Felixstowe just over 4 years ago Brilliant radio station A friend wants advice about volunteering in radio in Essex area Can you suggest anything Really he wanted to actually speak to you Best wishes Jeannette

    1. Hi, Jeanette, i suggest your friend visits/emails/sends in a demo, best of luck! Ann.

  2. hi, do you need a 1 hour show for an afternoon? I’m looking to host a live show playing mainly powerpop, alt country, Americana, punk and new wave. I previously hosted a show on ICR for a number of years. had a 2 year break, and now seeing if I can join your set up. cheers!

  3. Really enjoyed the new guys the mark & Clare show on Sunday night, a breath of fresh air on the airwaves of Felixstowe, well done.

  4. Thank you for your continued comments and support, myself and Clare have busy personnel lives and with full time jobs and children we find the best time to broadcast is on Sunday evening. don’t forget that tommorow evening evening we will be having a Halloween special. 8pm to 10pm



  5. Hi can you help me out I listen to your radio from 7 to 11 in mornings I think the dj name is Pete Edwards can you tell me what is his backing song it sounds like one of shadows songs can you email back thank you from dave

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