The Home Run with Jamie Versey


We’re sorry you have had a bad experience with Felixstowe Radio.

Felixstowe Radio runs by a strict set of in-house guidelines regarding the Ofcom code of broadcasting, we take violations of the code and offense to the public very seriously.
There is no set watershed on the radio by Ofcom’s current guidelines, however, as a goodwill gesture, Felixstowe Radio has set one up in-house, it is 9PM – 4AM which is the UK Free-to-air television guideline.

If you would like to complain about anything you hear on Felixstowe Radio, please contact us via our website or call us. You may also complain to our regulator Ofcom.

Please note that complaints related to our online services cannot be handled via Ofcom.

Felixstowe Radio accepts email complaints via [email protected].