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Stars of The Bill

Verso was joined on ZOOM by Andrew Mackintosh and Natalie Roles who played Alistair Greig and Debbie McAllister on the long running ITV series, The Bill. They chatted about their time on the show as well as their brand new Podcast, Letter from Helvetica.

The first series of The Letter from Helvetica Podcast consists of eight episodes that follow the adventures of Abigail Wesley, a talented young botanist, and her Uncle John, a retired Lieutenant Colonel. Abigail is spending a year on the fictional island of Burbango in Vanuatu, while Uncle John resides in the not-quite-real village of Helvetica in Cornwall. The podcast is written by and stars Andrew as John, with Natalie co-starring as Abby. Both Andrew and Natalie have had significant roles in ITV’s “The Bill.” All eight episodes of the first series are now available to listen to. 

Letter from Helvetica is produced by Oliver Crocker, the creator and presenter of The Bill Podcast.

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